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Poem of July 31, 2021

Inspired by so many blessings coming in, and integrating what came through my recent time and conversation with the grand Stewart Pearce, from whom the word of title of comes. In reference to Princess Diana's eyes when he first met her, he told me they were "sapphire blue", and that resonated with me. He wrote a book about their time together, with her consent given during her life for its publication. The book is Diana: The Voice of Change (Shimran, 2020).

Here it is a metaphor for the consciousness he channeled through, and which we resonate with about the power of sound, the spoken word that shapes reality, and the divine that creates worlds through speaking and singing them into being. Music as power and as soul blueprint. Also, the welcoming in of the divine flow of the golden and silver ribbon of love energy, rivers of blessings, coming in now.


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