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Live to Love ~ Vivir para amar

Musical Notes
design in white and cream quartz rock face

Song cycle

Maria Figueredo’s CD/Album

(Release date: Dec. 12 2021: 12/12/21)     


Dedicatoria/Dedicated to my father, Dr. Alvaro T. Figueredo (1937-2021)


  1. Paper Tigers Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo 

  2. All the Stars Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo (Bossa Nova beat by A. Aguirre).

  3. Volveré siempre a San Juan Lyrics and music by Armando Tejada Gómez and Ariel Ramírez (1966)

  4. Alfonsina y el mar Lyrics and music by Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna (1969) 

  5. Your Memory Lingers On Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo 

  6. Piedra y Camino Lyrics and music by Hector Roberto Chavero and Atahualpa Yupanqui (1936-1947) 

  7. If It Could Be Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo  

  8. For We Two Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo 

  9. Gracias a la vida Lyrics and music by Violeta Parra (1967) 

  10. Study No. 5 Leccione Music by Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849)

  11. Solar Serendipity Lyrics and melody by Maria Figueredo (based on Study No. 5 by Aguado)

  12. Lion’s Gate Lyrics and music by Maria Figueredo 


All songs performed by Maria Figueredo: lead vocals, harmonies, and guitar.

Bossa Nova beat by A. Aguirre added to “All the Stars” during recording.


Recording, engineering and mastering:

“Gracias a la vida” (live recording) Toronto, Canada.

All other tracks recorded, engineered and mastered by Francois Milbin of Nu-U Music Studio, Brantford.

Mastering of all songs by Nu-U Music Studio, Brantford, Ontario,Canada.


Toronto, Ontario


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