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Sound Alchemy: Transmutation, Recalibration, Incarnation


My music is about personal resonance, creating and shaping reality through sound, transformation, embodying harmony and conscious connection.


My name, right from the start, gave clues to what I love to do and be, which I have grown to see and feel more clearly as time passed: "Maria" is the combination of two words, "mar" which means the sea, and "aria" which is vocal music, a long song, thus, my name means in unity, "sea song," for life. All the aspects of being on the earth plan that I love: song, soulful voicing, music, and the ocean, or being by and like the sea: open, expansive, pure beauty, bringing particle to wave, and power that sustains all life. Sound activates, voice vibration and the rhythms of music can connect people, free blocked emotion, empower, uplift, or energize towards a certain frequency. I tend to resonate most with the frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and connection, as well as protecting and feeling secure in being just who we are: the word "secure" in Latin means "self-cure"; that is, shedding the fear and moving into oneness.

Photo of Maria Figueredo by Kris Galang at Nu-U Studio in Brantford, Canada.

Photo by Kris Galang

Photo by Kris Galang

Photo: Sherry Smith Photography


I have been fortunate all my life to have received songs since an early age when I'd invent spontaneous songs a cappella, hearing the words and music coming to me, and then my parents bought me a tape recorder upon which I'd record my singing, songs with my sister, songs I'd created, the voice of my brothers and parents, and songs from the radio. I'd also pluck new sounds from the guitar my parents bought me in Uruguay.  

Being gifted a guitar when I was a young girl by my parents and then music sessions in classical, folkloric and pop guitar, as well as listening to music from across the world, nurtured my eclectic tastes. 

And it interwove with building connections across the world with so many friends with whom I have shared creating music: at home, with family friends, in school choirs and music classes, in university (as part of a girl band or singing solo at college pubs and social meetings), and church youth groups singing at weddings, church dances. Also this led to my singing with and playing music as well as jamming with great international musicians/artists in Brazil such as Kay Lyra, Phillipe Baden Powell, Marcos Artistides (singing with them at Bartelie, writing songs with them, performing with Kay one Christmas in her show in Rio de Janeiro); or writing songs with other friends, such as Tony Hansen, a wonderful pianist and songwriter--one of my first collaborators in song--and Salim Farah, a vibrant and joyous flamenco and Lebanese guitarist with whom we've shared lyric writing and arrangements of our collaboration "Preámbulo" and my "Courage." And with popular cantautores from Uruguay, such as Héctor Numa Moraes.

And into the present: recording and filming with the virtuoso rock guitarist, music producer, videographer and songwriter Jamie Dowd of Toronto has been a revelation. These collaborations hopefully brings some of that to others and awakens more of everyone's truths.

Maria Figueredo, Hamilton, Photo 1996
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