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Creation Sounds

Music, Gender and Performativity in Contemporary Latin American Literature

This book considers the role of music in multi-mediated formats that privilege the performative elements of meaning production. Among the possible links between literature and music, the research in this volume pays close attention to: (a) the musicalization of the novel in contemporary Latin American writing; (b) the incorporation of poetry, visuals and musical accompaniment to the production of literary texts and shifts in the reader-text relationship and the nature of literary culture; (c) and discussions on the performativity of reading and the role of musical elements in the phenomenology of the text. In addition to examining the various ways that music can interact with literary works, this book makes available (some for the first time) in English translation to a wider audience, the poetry, prose and multimedia productions of Latin Americans writers who are among the most salient and innovative of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Figueredo, Maria Lujan. 2018. Creation Sounds: Music, Gender and Performativity in Contemporary Latin American Literature. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks.


Cover image of Creation Sounds by Dr. Maria L. Figueredo, 2018.
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