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Shows: Live performances, spoken word events, and the like


maria figueredo

Solo Performances


Lead Vocals, Guitarist

Music Performance
Guitar in Flames



More to come...

spoken word

oral poetry and sound 

My poetry has always been highly rhythmic. I have also always perceived the sound factors as I channel, write and compose my poetry on the page and in my mind's inner ear. My body writes as much as my thoughts and feelings. While I have and can sing in various styles, registers and musical genres, my sound tends towards the hushed: velvety turns of phrases, jazz tones, the cycles of water and of walking steps, sometimes harried, sometimes love struck, sometimes grieving, sometimes celebratory. My spoken word most recently is more WHISPERED WORD, wish fulfilling sounds of my inner core made softly in waves of whispers that echo greatly in the soul. Like the loudness of some lights, and the intense roar of a lover's touch, or a fathers's presence, a mother's glance, a feline purr, or like the sheer bliss of a feather's caress and that luminosity of a song's melodic turn that opens your heart to exuberant heights. Synesthesia of the Sublime.

Performance Lighting
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