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The 10 things I know about making music

They say there are things to be wary about in the music industry, but isn't that the case of every industry?

Music is something we are, not something we choose to do necessarily. Yes, what we do with it matters and that materializes into specific actions and works created. Still, at the heart, we do music if it is in us, if it moves through us.

The ten things to know about going into the music industry, as far as I can see, are the following:

1. Save all your drafts and rough recordings: gems of vocalizations or riffs or chords are there like a treasure trove to come back to again and again for inspiration and development of your craft.

2. Email (in the past you'd mail) copies of your songs and recordings to yourself to protect your copyright. This serves as legally-recognized proof of authorship.

3. Find supporters who believe in the true essence of your music and your passion for it, and share this gift with them first.

4. Never underestimate the power of rehearsal.

5. Be brave. Let people into what you really feel and how you think.

6. Believe in yourself as unique, and never compare yourself to anyone.

7. Be disciplined in your practice. This I learned from my classical guitar training at the Royal Conservatory of Music with Gary Santucci, and prior to that with my first guitar teacher.

8. Be professional at all times.

9. Smile! At least sometimes when you're onstage and especially when you're working and recording with other musicians. It's a joy.

10. Never give up.

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