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Gratitude ~ Gracias

A video of me singing "Gracias a la vida" (V. Parra) for the video-photo shoot in December 2021 filmed by the very talented Kris Galang in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, on location at Nu-U Float Studio. I love that "gracias" in Spanish contains multiple positive meanings: thanks, thank you, and blessings. Love the turquoise wall in the café of Nu-U Float Studio's juice bar...and the surroundings ... so energizing and calming at the same time. Kind of like Violeta Parra's song "Gracias la vida" (Thanks to Life) the perfect backdrop for this live video of me singing this song, one of my repertoire standards ;)

Turquoise & Sands

Sandalphon at my back

as I recover

Sandalphon at my back

always and everywhere

Ruth and Hathor

Emerald skies and carnelian suns

Homing and humming

I am weather-made for the lavender feather that draws my life.

Poem/ode to music: (c) Maria L. Figueredo


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