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New Video out now for "Ave Maria (Caccini)" Cover

This video was months in the making...since early December 2022, when the EP "Jupiter on Tuesday" came out!

The video went through a layering process...we first did the initial original video filming, with Danny Mucci of Machia Sound, filming me signing the song on the day we recorded the vocals and guitars, and initial accompanying instrumentation. As the weeks went on through mastering and editing the track to its release audio sound, I also started to map out the concept and imagery for the video for the track. I aimed to have it released in January, yet something about still have to blossom more gradually. Other videos came out sooner: check these out in the previous blog post and out also on YouTube, as week as in clips on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

This beautiful composition, attributed to 16th century composer Giulio Caccini who was based in Florence, and later related to Vladimir Vavilov"Ave Maria" is a much-recorded aria, said in many sources to have been composed by Vavilov around 1970 when he himself published and recorded it in 1970 on the Melodiya label with the ascription "Anonymous."

The visual layering of imagery for my video collage of this cover is nourished by my many years of singing various "Ave Maria" versions, and of connecting to this one later; for the fuller story of that journey, check out my videos about it on TikTok! So there is the element of compassion for others in our human condition, and for the metaphysical and spiritual elements we associate with thought the divine feminine energies, as well as symbology that harmonizes across many aspects of those divine and earthly qualities.

I hope you like it! And invite you to see it on YouTube!

Much love, Maria

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