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The GTA Wedding Show: What a Thrill

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It was a great experience to meet some wonderful fiancé(e) and their family members and friends at the GTA Wedding Show on Sunday, November 6th in North York, at the GTA Wedding Show. There were food trucks, amazing exhibits by wedding service providers, and live entertainment--including yours truly!--in a gorgeous location at Bellevue Manor in Vaughan, Ontario.

Here are some photos of the da and of the setting up the day before!

The Day Before!

This is how the gorgeous venue look pre-show... as we were setting up the day before. It is still a beautiful space even prior to the exhibits being up and ready.

So grateful to the GTA Wedding Show for inviting me to perform and for their lovely post leading up to the day:

The Day of the GTA Wedding Show!

My trusted assistant, Tanishka, who made so much of my day easier with her positive vibe and professional demeanour as we discussed options for music services with our booth visitors, who were all lovely!

And the next is a surprise...stay tuned for more details to be UNVEILED in the coming weeks! Hint: it's the anniversary of my album release of LIVE TO LOVE ~ VIVIR PARA AMAR, so there's a celebration in the planning.

Also, prior to the above, I am thinking of offering a virtual concert via Instagram for all my followers there...would you be there? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on IG!

I hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend ... Días de Acción de Gracias... and I shared some home playing of the song "Gracias a la vida" by Violeta Parra on Tik Tok and Instagram, if you'd like to see those!

Gracias, gratitude always,