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Where the lyrical inspiration grew...what my grandparents taught me.

My grandparents were all amazing people. My paternal grandparents, Alvaro Figueredo and Amalia Barla de Figueredo, were great poets, each in their own unique, stellar style, as well as educators, philosophers, visionaries, and artists of depth. The inspiration I felt from them has always made my work feel more like a mission than just a job, because what they taught was the pursuit of excellence that is tied to the highest values. Check out a new website that highlights some of these characteristics and how their legacy lives on in the world, and in our family:

My maternal grandparents were equally amazing in their own fields, and domains. My mother's mother was one of the first women in Uruguay to go to university and graduate with a degree in social work, and went on to work in schools across the capital region of Montevideo. My mother's father was not only a loved citizen of his city, but also represented his high values in his dedicated work with ANTEL energy company (today Uruguay's telecommunications), often helping many to find work, and in public office positions that he held over many years. The love I felt from them was always one of my greatest sources of strength, courage, and joy. They also taught me the importance of family in everything we do.

I am honoured to be their granddaughter.


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