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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

How are you?

Do you also feel like a cycle is coming to a close and we are entering a new era?

One in which the honesty of singers like Taylor Swift and the pure essence of grit of poets and celebrities like Megan Fox, and the zany cultural insights of the reviving "Barbie" movie phenomenon have things to bring into dialogue that are refreshing, deep and clearing.

I am so grateful to my new subscribers: welcome to this blog! and to these social online sites! Also thank you from the bottom of my heart to my continued subscribers.

This message is to wish you a peaceful, happy and healthy Christmas and holiday season, and into 2024. So many interesting upliftments coming in the new year: 2024, an "8" year of abundance, which we all can appreciate even more after the recent years; and a Chinese Dragon year, a symbol of the Divine Feminine power, as the above cultural references all preview. Also, it is the year of the rose, according to some archangelic wisdom school sources. As you know, or may recall from my previous postings here and on my other social media accounts (@pelmatograms on Instagram, @mariafigueredo2022, and @poetrypantryca), I love roses. Now that I am mentioning those accounts, please note that you can find many new poems, song clips and other news and musings there.

For today, December 25, 2023, I am writing to you this note that I have been pondering for several days...

As my gift to you, and in looping back to my opening words, I am sending you as a gift this video I recording live at home five years ago of my song "If It Could Be", which is also recorded on my 2021 album "Live to Love ~ Vivir para amar." The song was written long before then, during my undergraduate university years. But it highlights newly in this era, at this time, as we see what can be in the coming year, nourished by what love we have gleaned in the past ones, and what is yet to be. "Hope is the thing with feathers..." ... this popular poem written by Emily Dickinson around 1861 is referenced in a recent poem I posted "How Long?" that I wrote and recited on my TikTok account mentioned above.

And it was a mention in a spring interview I recorded with poet laureate of Phoenix, Rosemarie Dombrowski, whose work I highly recommend for you to check out, too! The interview is coming soon...stayed tuned for the details.

In the meantime, I wish salty protection for you, rings of fire and ash, peace candles and purring of songs that make you feel alive and stir the love in your heart of hearts, and in your pine cone treasures.

Much love,



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