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Rehearsing Archives

These are just some tracks recorded as I rehearsed some songs over the past few years. Included among them are some of my original songs, unplugged in these versions such as "Look to the Stars" (recorded with a new title of "All the Stars" on my December 2021 album), as well as some covers of a few favourite from the vault. Let me know which you like best, or send in requests, and maybe I will give those a try, too.

All the best,


"A Thousand Years" (Cover)

A more recent addition to my repertoire that I learned as a Valentine to the Universe. Such a beautiful composition.

Thank you to songwriters David Hodges / Christina Perri for their creation, made famous on that well-known vampire saga.

"Para Ver as Meninas" (Cover)

I first heard this song living in Brazil in 1999 sung my Marisa Monte. The original is wonderful, too. It was composed by one of the greats of Brazilian samba music: Paulinho Da Viola. Check out a video with them both singing this song together. Magical.

"Look to the Stars" (Original)

Original song by me. I wrote this song after one of our family vacations in Florida while I was in high school.

I have since recorded this professionally and the new version, with bolero beat, is on my "Live to Love" album, released in December 2021. Find it on all streaming platforms, or check it out on the album page here on my website.


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